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The last week of April will give us a marathon of events, then : Sit back and hand agendas!

In chronological order:

Thursday, April 24, 2008 22:00, the restaurant, pizzeria THE GEKO Via Berlinguer, 5. Langport (PR)


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Friday, April 25, 2008 at 16:00 in HOUSE DEER Via F.lli Cervi, 9. Gattatico (Reggio Emilia)


Highway A1: exit at Reggio Emilia, Via Emilia towards Parma, indicating Campegine - Gattatico - Poviglio
A1 motorway exit Parma, Via Emilia towards Reggio Emilia, an indication S. Ilario d'Enza - Gattatico - Campegine

NOTE: We are told by the director who opened the new highway "Terre di Canossa - Campegine" which is just 500 meters from Casa Cervi (hopefully! At least this year we do not lose to the red fields!)
[All details of the program and the spirit of the festival can be found here:]

Friday, April 25 2008 evening, IN PIAZZA A FORMIGINE (Modena)

Modena City Ramblers IN CONCERT

Note ultra-mega-very-important
In case anyone has wondered why we call ourselves "The 100 Steps", come in a square while playing any of the Modena and discover that ... Not even if you're still connected!

The Marriage of the Sea 2008 will take place in the atmosphere of wide open spaces and incredible scenery of the green land of Ireland. Partner Event 2008 will be the fact town of Malahide, County Dublin, a community of about 13,000 inhabitants just north of the capital. And also come from Ireland sound of many groups and guest artists for three days ready to turn the historic city of Cervia in a cheerful celebration.

Friday, May 2, 2008, at 17:00, at the Sale of Stock, after the official opening ceremony with the reception of the host city Malahide, there will be a concert of ' Youth Orchestra "Città di Cervia" with Irish traditional music.
Following will be the exhibition of Caitlin Nic Gabhann , traditional Irish dance champion, and the violinist Ciaran O 'Maonaigh, Irish winner of the Young Musician of the Year.

Start time 19:00 in Piazzetta Pisacane, will follow up with "an Irish village, live music Irish dancing with the ensemble " The Dancing Fool "

At 21:30 in Piazza Garibaldi , the evening continues with a great show of traditional Irish dance - Notte d'Ys - with 20 dancers in one of the most famous Irish dance groups, the Gens d'Ys (tesooorii!!) accompanied by the renowned vocal and instrumental ensemble Birkin Tree.

Following in the Stock Sale , the Ravenna Morrigan's Wake will perform in concert "atmosphere of Ireland ".

Saturday, May 3, 2008, 10:00 in Piazzetta Pisacane
back live music and Irish dancing with the ensemble " The Dancing Fool ", in an Irish village .

at 21:00 in Piazza Garibaldi , Frankie Gavin & Hybernian Rhapsody Night Green will perform in concert, with music and dance for an unforgettable "Irish Night"
A follow up to sunrise at the Sale of Stock , the concert will take place in the group "Birkin Tree" el 'performance by Caitlin NicGabhann and Ciaran O Maonaigh.

Sunday, May 4, 2008, 10:00 am, the Piazzetta Pisacane will return to host "an Irish village, with live music and Irish dancing with the ensemble " The Crazy Dance. "


Caitlin Nic Gabhann comes from a musical family and learned to play the "concertina" (a small accordion-like instrument) with first and then by Riona Traynor Meabh Ni Lochlainn. But Caitlin is also a talented dancer, so much to win a lot of traditional Irish dance competitions in the country.

Ciaran O 'comes Maonaigh by Gaoth Dobhair in County Donegal and has just released his first album. O 'Maonaigh just turned 21, but is already considered one of the best young talented musicians in Ireland. The output of Ceol a'Ghleanna has done nothing but strengthen its already excellent reputation. He learned his first music from his grandfather, but it has also absorbed much of the music of some of the biggest names in Donegal tradition. And who of the music Doherty, Neillidh Boyle, Francie and Mickey Byrne, with Cassidy and James Byrne can be heard in his performance.

I Gens d'Ys born in 1993. It was when some friends decided to form a group dance inspired by the traditions of Brittany, Scottish and Irish in particular. After more than a decade, the Gens d'Ys have grown thanks to the contribution of new information, participation in a training program taught by professional teachers and especially thanks to the teachings of Sinead Venables, a former world champion of Irish dancing. Their repertoire, long limited mainly to folk art and folk dances, are open to new Irish-style brought to the attention of the general public by the shows Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.

The Birkin Tree during their long career they have done more than a thousand concerts in Italy and Europe and are the only Italian band - and one of the few in the world - to perform regularly in Ireland (Three tours, performances by individual musicians, the recording of their concert by the Irish Radio and Television). They accompanied their tour in Italy in the renowned piper Liam O'Flynn, the duo violin / guitar Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill, the famous singer Niamh Parsons, and have assets of three recordings-Continental Reel (1996), A Cheap Present (1999), and 3 (three) of 2003 - and dozens of compilations.
Characteristic of this training is to make long set, in which lyrical melodies and wild dances are linked together - through lush arrangements - creating "growing" a strong impact.

The Morrigan's Wake: The group was founded in the summer of 1981 by proposing a first repertoire of Breton dances and ballads of the Irish resistance, gradually expanding the focus on the dance music of Scotland, Wales and Ireland itself.
After this first period, Morrigan's Wake turns his attention towards the search for possible analogies between music Celtic area of northern Europe and the Celtic-Valley.
From the Apennines to Ireland is the title of the first album released on vinyl in 1988 (later reissued on CD in 1995) and also gives its name to a music festival thought up by them.
Besides his concert activity, Morrigan's Wake have arranged the soundtrack of several theatrical animation, some of which The music was composed entirely using the fees and compositional elements of popular music.
It 'just the union of original arrangements and popular music to score a second proposal phase of the group that produced the second album in 1994, Dagda, a tribute to the great repertoire of Scots-Irish ballads and dances, accompanied by some original compositions.
And after the deepening of the repertoire of Celtic area in Europe, the gaze is turned today, with the new album Sunrise Atlantic, even to the music tracks left by the Irish and Scottish emigration across the ocean.
Jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes are the dances that Morrigan's Wake performs live, from which arises a show that involves the audience to dance and fun, but without neglecting moments "listening", offering songs and ballads of traditional epic poetry of the British Isles.

Frankie Gavin has recently exhibited in Dublin in the opening concert of the Rolling Stones in front of over 60,000 people and has played in Washington in the White House in celebration of St. Patrick's Day U.S. Cervia is pleased to present to the public the greatest exponent of the "marriage of Irish folk scene, a great violin virtuoso with his band in a concert to remember.
always fond of the music of Michael Coleman and James Morrison, which have been influenced, Gavin started playing in the early '70s at the famous Cellar Bar in Galway with artists such as Alex and Mikey Finn, Johnny MacDonagh and Charlie Pigott. Much in demand as a solo album was a guest of the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge.
It is said of him in the media world that sounds so "technically complex and unabashedly awesome."
will perform together with his new band, Rhapsody Hybernian , with whom he recently recorded The full score, which is reaping record unanimous consent.

loads and say that we are excited about this weekend is an understatement ... Come all!


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